Alongside Prest Laundry’s brand overhaul, we build the business a beautiful new website. The emphasis is on eye-catching detail, aimed at catching and holding the attention of a website visitor.

We designed three personalised icons for the landing page – line art in primary and secondary colour palettes that are fun and modern, to draw the eye to the highlights of the services offered by Prest. These icons are simple, clear and super-modern.

The secondary colour palette used in text boxes provides colourful accents, designed to draw a visitor in and catch their eye. This feature against colourful background images makes for an exciting visual aesthetic.

The layout features asymmetrical slanted image borders and text block borders, which creates visual interest, designed to keep visitors on the page for longer. The transition between blocks of content is presented in a less common manner through these slanted borders, adding additional layout variety in a simple but effective way.

Images of a lush landscape, a colourful umbrella and smiling children make an emotional connection with a website user. Alongside this there are the more obvious folded laundry, fresh linen and clothing peg images, plus images that correspond with each service (restaurant scenes and tea towels for the ‘Hospitality’ page, a lab scene for the ‘Health’ page, etc.).


The website blog is in its early days, so the aim is to first draw an audience by offering them something. The idea for the first blog post was to offer readers tips on how to properly clean their doona, and at the conclusion of the post offer a cleaning special for the next time they visit Prest Laundry. The aim is to make a connection with the reader first, then include a call to action in order to prompt them to employ Prest’s services.

As the blog develops further in the future, Prest will be able to include posts that focus more on the business itself, as the trust of readers will already be gained. Once the blog is fully established, the content can be more flexible.