Bold images

How do you make a standout website for a mechanic? With bold images, of course. We started with a carousel at the top of the landing page, so Moto Meccanica could display several exciting action shots of customers riding their custom-built motorcycles.

Beneath this header is a collection of the latest blog posts, allowing a visitor to the site a glimpse into what goes behind the scenes at this family-owned mechanic. This creates an instant personal connection with potential future customers.

A gallery of images was an essential inclusion. The gallery allows the owner, Joe, to showcase his fine work. As Joe takes great pride in servicing high-end European models of motorcycle, we felt he needed a platform to display the results of his repair, tuning and maintenance projects, sponsorship projects, and the ultra-clean, professional state of his workshop.

Blog and contact page

The blog is image-heavy, with a simple, two-column grid. Because beautiful European motorcycles are the star of the show at Moto Meccanica, images of Joe’s work is displayed alongside snippets of simple, unobtrusive text.

On the contact page, a map with Moto Meccanica’s location appears beside an easy-to-use contact form. The form has a customised ‘Enquiry Type’ field that includes ‘Service’, ‘Tuning’, ‘Crash Damage’, and ‘General Enquiry’, so Joe can easily see what type of service a customer is after.