Brand name refresh

The word prest means ‘ready for action or use’, with similar origins to the word presto. It was specially selected for the rebranding of this particular laundromat, as it reflects the high-energy environment of a laundry environment. The owners of this laundromat have worked hard for over thirty years, refining their practice to deliver a prompt, professional service. We felt this single word perfectly embodies the values of this highly-specialised company.


The typeface is in a light blue colour against a white background, with a secondary logo against a darker blue background. The light blue gives a modern feel to the logo, while the darker blue gives more of a closeness and finality, perfect for the website footer and eye-catching front of their new business card.

Typeface modification

The logo’s typeface has been modified by extending the serif of each letter to bring it closer to the letter next to it, to give the feeling of comfort and closeness associated with freshly cleaned laundry.

Colour choice

The primary colour palette is dark blue, light blue, grey and white, reminiscent of deep water, clean water, soft fabrics and clean sheets.

The secondary colour palette adds interest, with purple, orange and coral red appearing as accents on the website and branded items, such as a proposed delivery truck, staff uniform and laundry bags.

The finishing touch

We provided Prest with business cards and shop signage, to complete the branding refresh and unify all elements of the business. We designed the new shopfront, providing the painters with specifications for a white base and blue logo. The end result is clean, modern branding, with all the trimmings.