Along with a new website, we provided branding and stationery for Happening Films, including business cards, envelopes and a letterhead. Branding was developed in close collaboration with the client, Jannine Barnes, in order to reflect her values. As a follower of Buddhism and a human rights advocate, Jannine felt a lotus would be the most appropriate representation of her business, being symbolic of a pure body and mind. The colourful nature of the logo stands for the diversity of the LGBTQI+ community. In order for the logo to be most effectively represented on screen, we felt a simple, lively animation would work best.

Responsive Design

The website has been designed to function differently across various devices and orientations to give the user the best experience of Happening Films’ unique media format. There is a focus on embedded video, allowing the company to best display their award-winning productions.

For this particular business, we decided on a left sidebar featuring information about Happening Films and the various genres they have produced (i.e. Shorts, Features, Documentaries). The proportions of the formatting allows display of content in a widescreen format, and the cinematic fade-in when the website loads perfectly matches the filmic theme. The hover effect gives the site a modern feel, and allows users to know exactly which item they are accessing.