Visual culture

The brand’s 2015 website is the second incarnation of Her Pony’s eCommerce website, designed to present the product first, with additional information, such as price and product description, as secondary and hidden. We felt the main feature of the front page should be a gallery of product images, which prompts a customer to visit the product page before there is an objection to purchasing based on price. The result is that a customer is more likely to choose a product based its look instead of its price, ultimately leading to more conversions. This design works particularly well for fashion items, as it takes full advantage of their visual appeal.

Product pages

The product pages themselves are very image-centric – each product page has large images, designed to catch the eye, beside relatively small font. In some cases, customers’ Instagram photos appear alongside Her Pony’s model photos, with the customers attributed via their Instagram handles. This shows the clientele that Her Pony represents them as valued customers, building trust and expanding their already flourishing online community.

Link it up

The new website employs a user-friendly linking system – hyperlinks appear in white font with a black highlight, allowing the user to immediately recognise where links are located. This is an ideal feature for cross-selling, as it links related product pages, inspiring a customer to explore and potentially purchase items that are related to those they were initially interested in.

Go digital

This is Her Pony’s first fully responsive website, being optimised for mobile phones — that means customers can shop anywhere, at any time. The online shop sends reminder emails to customers who have abandoned their carts, reducing abandonment rates by 11%. The website also features Facebook remarketing algorithms, designed to advertise new deals directly to customers who have visited the website in the last 30 days.