DRP – All Clients


  • Key member of claridge and co is rendered unavailable
  • Claridge and Co experiences Financial or other Legal Issue
  • Datacenter or Provider becomes unavailable
  • Claridge & Co services are attacked by foreign nationals


  • Key Claridge & Co. contacts are rarely ever in the same place
  • Claridge & Co. runs cash positive at all times with minimal debt and liabilities
  • Diversification of Datacenter activities and duties mean that no single point of weakness will affect the operation of the services
  • Upgrades to all software are mandatory across all Claridge & Co systems protecting them from attack, as well as enterprise level firewalls on all key services, email, web hosting
  • Services are constantly monitored by Claridge & Co. staff, to enable swift resolution times


  • Secondary contacts are available with enough information to be able to provide access to any service in event of a catastrophe – either through a specified secondary contact or the Hello@Claridgeand.co email address
  • Services are typically paid in advance by several months to allow for recovery efforts to take place
  • Datacenters include offsite backups for additional safety from local disasters or are hosted on 0 data loss services such as the gmail platform
  • Secondary data centers are available to relocate services that are being attacked directly to different IP’s