Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

An important component of digital marketing

Don’t dismiss your website’s SEO

Using effective Search Engine Optimisation makes your website more visible to customers and clients by increasing traffic to your website via natural, or unpaid, search results. As Google rates content by age, relevance and originality, it’s important to regularly post original content with carefully implemented SEO, thereby expanding your Google presence into multiple key search term spaces, instantly connecting you with a wider range of targets in an international market.


Update your content

New content is essential as it not only increases traffic to your website due to more listings in Google searches, it presents your company as professional and knowledgeable to existing and potential clients. Keeping your website active through new content shows the public you’re active and involved in the business sphere.

Make sure your new content is succinct, easy to read and formatted clearly. Your website should enforce proper HTML markup, such as headings, lists and paragraph tags, to be effectively read by Google and other search providers. This is something that a lesser site will be missing out on, so obtaining professional help is key.


Other steps to take

As well as updating content, further strategies to improve your SEO process includes hyperlinking website content both internally and externally, thoroughly researching keywords relevant to your target audience, and ensuring the website’s coding is accessible to search engines.

Cataloguing both old and new content and providing easy share functions also gives your online community the option to share and agree with your opinions and research. In addition, this prompts your clients to value your opinion above that of their peers, which is often followed by a referral – proven to result in one of best conversion rates of any marketing strategy.


The natural way

Unlike paid SEA, or Search Engine Advertising, SEO is more trusted by the general public, perceived to be the legitimate sought search result more often than an advertisement. How many times have you clicked on sponsored advertising compared to websites that appear naturally in a Google search? While paid SEA does have its advantages (placing your ad in places that are unexpected but related to your company, product or service, or directly on your competitors’ search terms will allow you to attract customers, or at least impress upon them the knowledge that your service exists) effective SEO provides more organic, trusted advertising.

The general rule is that organic search result number one receives around 80–90% of clicks, while the last result only gathers 1% of user clicks. SEO results make clients feel as though they’re more in control of their browsing, and chances are your website will be exactly the kind they’re looking for if effective SEO processes are in place. Effective SEO allows clients and businesses to more readily find each other.

While an SEA strategy may draw clients short-term, the bounce rate tends to be higher than with organic results. Sticky customers that produce lasting results will be more readily obtained through effective, intelligent SEO strategies backed by a strong branding and effective trust-building by your marketing assets as a whole. A properly constructed and utilised website will build strong and lasting reach in search engine results, without you having to pay for sponsored advertisements.