Let’s get digital, digital

What digital signage can do for your business

Digital signage

Digital signage, also known as dynamic signage, can feature vibrant graphics and dynamic video, with the potential for interactivity. It can be used by companies to display weather and news updates, and advertising material can be displayed in a cutting-edge, eye-catching format. With the right kind of marketing material, you can attract more customers and make more conversions than ever before.


It’s definitely right for you

Due to the flexible nature of digital signage, it can be used by any sized business to advertise products and services. No matter the content, if it’s displayed in the right way there are heaps of benefits to this mode of advertising.

  • Content can be updated easily, depending on the time of day, the day of the week, or the change of season. Updates to your advertising material can be virtually instantaneous.
  • There are no costs involved in printing and transporting traditional signage, plus no waiting time for these services!
  • Digital signage forms a relationship with customers, making them want to return to your shop due to a more exciting environment. The bright colours and moving images catch the eye, and there’s the potential for interactivity. Audio can also be included in your advertising material.
  • The strong multimedia nature of digital advertising makes your product more appealing to customers.
  • You can include real-time content, such as social media updates and blog posts.
  • You can add more products and more advertising content to the one signage area, plus there’s the potential for cross-promoting products and services.


What we did for Mecca

Claridge & Co. offers a digital signage concept and creation service. Mecca, the national cosmetics retailer, required a vibrant, energetic digital video suite tailored to the specifications of their upcoming digital signage. After studying Mecca’s past advertising campaigns, and those of their competitors, we decided the solution was bold, colourful imagery delivered in a snappy video format. The results are eye-catching snippets of Mecca’s concepts and products, ready for display in any busy thoroughfare. See the concept below.