Effective Instagram marketing

Her Pony’s success



Her Pony’s approach to digital marketing

Her Pony has developed a strong online community over the course of many years. This has been due to the diligent and frequent updates to their Facebook page, and by frequently adding new and unique products to their online store. To complement this, they have a highly active Instagram account. The Instagram account has several hundred less followers than their Facebook page, but the posts on Instagram get hundreds more likes and comments.


Instagram as a digital marketing platform

As Instagram is more business-friendly than Facebook, with an increased ease of sharing, a business will become more well-known through the effective use of an Instagram account. And as the business builds a community, interest in their products and services will grow, resulting in increased website views and conversions.

Her Pony uses Instagram effectively, which gives them a competitive advantage. Their Instagram posts are targeted specifically at their audience of young festival-going girls, who compose the majority of the platform’s frequent user base. In this way, Her Pony is able to connect directly with their community, including their lucrative existing customers, as well as drawing potential new customers through effective use of hashtags and native advertising.

Instagram Marketing

The hashtag strategy

Users of social media platforms tend to trust the opinions of their peers over those of businesses. If a business wants their online marketing to be successful, they have to employ the services of those of the same demographic as their customers in order to connect with them. Her Pony has been able to strategically utilise the presence of customers at various social events to promote their brand. Their customers frequently tag themselves wearing Her Pony products at festivals and parties, thereby natively promoting the brand without any incentive to do so. When the followers of these customers see one of their friends wearing Her Pony out and about, they are immediately able to find and like the Instagram page of the label.

Hashtags are an essential component of effective social media marketing. The key is to research the target audience and tailor hashtags to their interests. A search of keywords relating to the images that are posted on Instagram will allow a business to connect with existing and potential customers. Her Pony’s use of the hashtag #festivalfashion, #festival, #celebration or the particular festival their clothing was spotted at would be a more effective hashtag than #womensfashion, for example, as Her Pony customers tend to be young festivalgoers.


Improved communication

Instagram has enabled Her Pony to connect with customers using direct dialogue and natural native advertising. This has allowed the brand to rapidly build a larger community, and has provided a simple and effective way for them to notify customers of new products, promotions and interesting one-off stock. Overall, Instagram has allowed Her Pony to effectively and cheaply communicate information to their customer base.


Expanding Her Pony’s Instagram audience

One of our major suggestions for Her Pony has been to utilise a number of Instagram ‘celebrities’ to endorse their product, in a similar manner to the way in which existing customers already provide. The result is an advertisement that doesn’t look like an advertisement. This form of candid Instagram product placement has been proven to provide impressions to a significant portion of an Instagram celebrity’s base following when effectively implemented.