Growing Her Pony

A guide to successful eCommerce

Her Pony’s lack of online presence

Before Her Pony was the booming business it is today, it was a small independent label created by Lauren Stein out of a passion for reworking vintage clothing items. While Lauren sold many of her items at local markets, she needed a more effective platform in order to make her budding company known.

Her Pony needed to keep up with the growing trend of online sales. The brand also needed to inform the public about who they were and how to contact them, who their stockists were, and provide information about shipping and returns. Without a way to communicate with customers, Her Pony would have been left behind.


Her Pony chose us to help

Claridge & Co. was the perfect choice, with extensive experience working with small to medium sized businesses. We’ve been with Her Pony from startup through three expansions, helping to develop the brand through their online presence.

It began with a simple information page, then expanded to a portfolio. We currently provide Her Pony with a fully responsive custom-built eCommerce website, branding design services, business consulting and financial advice, SEO optimisation and management services, as well as dedicated commercial hosting and email platforms. Essentially, we are the digital side of Her Pony, helping to develop its best online presence possible.

We sprang into action

We evaluated similar websites, and assessed the flaws and competitive elements that make or break a company’s website. In light of this, we developed a timeless website that focuses on the product photography before the pricing, with an organic scrolling style and easy-to-read sans serif font.


The Her Pony website is fully responsive (mobile friendly); the entire website adjusts itself to the screen size to provide the user with the most pertinent information in an easy-to-read manner and access format, no matter what device is being used.

The layout features an image slider at the top of the page, offering a visitor a sample of the clothing and how it might be worn in context, rather than in a more classic product presentation. The grid below the slider showcases the items for sale and demonstrates a dynamic interactivity; the name and price of the items appear when images are hovered over with the cursor.


Through the development of Claridge & Co.’s shopper profiling, we developed a layout that focuses on the imagery before the content. This makes the user consider the clothing before the price, helping to quell a customer’s objections to pricing. They are essentially ordering from the left-hand side of the menu rather than the right-hand side of the menu.

Building the following

We created an effective eCommerce platform that has taken Her Pony from small market to global success. We’ve helped Her Pony build a social following of nearly 50,000 people across Facebook and Instagram, and their website has had over 1.5 million views. And this has happened in only two years.


Online sales take off!

When once the online sales figures for Her Pony was $0, in two years it expanded to be in the mid hundreds of thousands.

The brand continues to enjoy a linear increase in online sales. These days, online stock sells faster than it can be made, recently requiring the pre-order functionality to be added to the shop. This has allowed the business to expand further than Lauren could have imagined when she was simply selling her product at the local market.

Expanding into the future

When once Lauren was selling her handmade clothing at local markets, with an online presence Her Pony has been able to expand their market nationally and internationally, with storefronts established in Melbourne and Brisbane, and a market opening up in the USA. Effectively, this turned what was a small label into a globalised company. As Her Pony’s online presence continues to grow, Claridge & Co. is there to scale with it, making the most of the continued sales momentum.


Demonstrating success

Our success with Her Pony has confirmed how important it is to create and maintain a strong online sales presence. As demonstrated by our work with Her Pony, successful implementation of eCommerce strategies is an essential component in helping brands to develop.